Boost Your Ecommerce Sales with Creditea Pay

Increase your approval rates and margin, while offering a secure and seamless checkout experience. Empower your customers for quick repeat shopping with Creditea Credit Line.

Happy Creditea customers

Upgrade your e-shop checkout with Creditea payment method

Higher approval rates

Creditea empowers merchants with high approval rates, a large existing customer base, and stable technology, enabling an easy purchase experience.

Better margin for transactions

Creditea ensures attractive commercial conditions for its business partners, enabling a better margin for transactions.

Streamlined Onboarding

Creditea supports with cutting-edge technology and a network of tech partners to provide a modern and user-friendly onboarding experience for consumers.

Turn more customers into repeat buyers with Creditea Credit Line for shopping

Boost the buying power and retention of your customers with innovative revolving credit that offers small monthly repayments and supports repeat purchases.

How Creditea works for users

Creditea’s Credit Line feature allows users to sign in just once, and from then on, payments are almost a click away, making the checkout process quick and easy.

The credit line can be used repeatedly

By paying on time, customers can re-use their credit line balance for further purchases.

Tailored to the customer profile

No down-payment. Customers pay only interest at a rate adjusted to their risk profile.

0% within the first 30 days

No credit costs if customers return their purchase and funds or simply repay within 30 days.

Up to 60 payments

Customers can repay in convenient small payments. They also have the flexibility to repay faster and save on interest.

Customers pay only for what they use

Buying with Creditea, customers use their available credit limit and pay interest only on the used part.

In few clicks

Super quick payments for returning customers. Even for higher-value purchases.

Who can benefit?

Merchants can benefit from Creditea

Merchants, Ecommerce and payment service providers

  • Improve approval rates for merchant accounts by working with a reputable credit provider who can take on higher risk.
  • Simplify the digital onboarding process for customers, allowing for quick and seamless account creation.
  • Gain access to a large and established customer base through promotions and collaborations with Creditea.
  • Minimize transactional fees or eliminate them altogether, providing a cost-effective solution for merchants to process payments and conduct business.
Financial institutions can benefit in cooperation

BNPL providers, banks and financial institutions

  • Expand customer reach in cooperation with us. We are a well-experienced and reputable lender.
  • Generate additional revenue from rejected traffic by offering revolving credit solutions.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing instant gratification through successful purchases, which can help build customer loyalty and repeat business.
We serve over 1.7 million customers globally

Creditea is part of International Personal Finance group. Let's build together a better world through financial inclusion.

Integrations with Ecommerce platforms

Add the Creditea Pay solution to your web shops easily and without any intermediaries. If you have doubts, don't worry! We have Integration Guides for WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Magento ready to help you in each step of the process. Share your interest by filling out the contact form below, and we'll provide you with the actual Integration Guide.


More platforms are coming soon!


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Creditea is powered by International Personal Finance plc

International Personal Finance (IPF) is a leading international consumer credit provider, operating in Europe, Australia and Mexico, with a rich history spanning over 130 years. IPF is dedicated providing customers with responsible, transparent, and flexible financial services that meet their needs. As a company, IPF is committed to ethical and responsible lending practices, ensuring that its customers are treated with respect and that their financial well-being is prioritized.

Discover the Creditea Pay team

Viljami Tiainen

An outgoing, Helsinki-based innovator, who enjoys networking and building partnerships remotely. He also builds houses and savours music from both sides of the stage!

Viljami Tiainen

Head of Strategic Partnerships


Laura Jaramillo

Extensive experience in the financial sector developing digital businesses and implementing strategic partnerships makes her a perfect fit for the Creditea Pay project.

Laura Jaramillo

Head of Strategic Partnerships


Oana Negut

With IPF for 12 years, she is always in pursuit of new business opportunities. Proud to be part of international teams, she leads innovation and growth throughout European markets.

Oana Negut

Head of Business Development


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